My name is Erendira, pronounced like this:

eh- r- eh- y- n- d- ih- r- ah

I’m a wife, mom, home educator, inquisitive writer who’s sequential, and an occasional humorist.

My fiction appears in West BranchThe PuritanDay One, The Cossack Review, The Black Warrior Review, Fourteen Hills, Other Voices, Santa Clara Review, and La Calaca Review.

My essays are featured in The Washington Post, Brain, Child Magazine, Fathom MagazineFaithfully Magazine, Mothers Always WriteThe MudroomThe Tishman ReviewCordella Magazine, and Front Porch Commons: A Project of the [CLMP].

I have poetry featured in Fathom Magazine, L’Éphémère Review, Origins Journal, Mothers Always Write, and The Sunlight Press.

My short words are featured in Short and Sweet: Small Words for Big Thoughts anthology.

I have a special interest in creativity, reading, writing, faith, and art and how these affect our curiosities as writers, readers, and creatives. I would describe my writing as contemporary literary fiction with a Christian, urban, immigrant sensibility.


Back Story

I stopped writing in 2000 after earning my MFA from Mills College. I did get some stories published during my final year in the MFA (1999) and through 2003, but I didn’t write a single story after graduating because my life took a turn: I got married, had children, drew closer in my walk spiritually, and acquired new skills. I built my own consulting business in instructional design in order to provide for a growing family with my husband but sadly, my writing goals were held hostage in the throes of a new life that demanded all of me. I read more self-improvement literature during those years than anything else and began a blog in 2010 as an expression of my faith.

For many years I focused on building my family and transitioning from working outside of the home to homeschooling my three children. About two years ago, I reacquainted myself with the literary scene. How does one catch up after so much has taken place in such a long time? Technology, publishing, and literary journals have changed dramatically and it seemed liked I was sleeping through it all.

In 2015, after a long sabbatical from publishing my writing, I was able to see how all those years devoid of writing fiction were an accumulation of what would now become the material for my stories. It seemed as if my MFA had become a vapor of sorrow until, ironically, a very traumatic and disastrous family experience brought me to a cathartic state of writing again; as if all those years were held in the balance, gestating until the tyranny would break.

My newsletter is a reprieve from the hyperactive life of parenting or homeschooling. I exercise my hand on writing about things that are significant and that offer wisdom and grace to the hearer. I write, read, edit, teach, and observe. I am open to reviewing books that most people would find boring, but which I may be able to find a lovely thing worth sharing with others. I’m fascinated by faith, art, redemption, transformation, renewal, and life so I seek lovely things that exhibit these characteristics and values in light of a biblical worldview.

I co-founded Burning Bush Press with my husband as an expression of our faith, meant to encourage believers by bringing literary works that sharpen, stimulate, and advance the kingdom. When that is not the focus of my attention, I’m doing a side hustle as a web designer.

I share lovely things in writing, reading, faith, and art.

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