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One of the Ten

How one leper can motivate us to return to Christ

I read about the young seminary student, Edward Spencer, and his harrowing ordeal at sea. An accident between two vessels proved disastrous but Edward rescued many by the strength of his muscles. He rescued 17 people. But none thanked him. His labor on that day left him changed physically, forever, and he was often confined to a wheelchair.

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Becoming a Peculiar People, Not Cookie Cutter Duplicates

We are set apart as beloved children of the most High

It seems a new word is in order for the new year. I look to my husband when November rolls around to ask him what He thinks the theme, the challenge, the direction he sees our family will be going into for the next year. It was synchronicity when he picked peculiar, a word that has been pronounced in our minds. I even put together 11 meditations and prayers for my subscribers and shared them last month.

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How to Draw Near to God When the Future is Uncertain

Obedience to God takes more than faith and trust

When I was expecting my daughter in 2012, it was a turbulent season for my family. An uncertain future, heavy decisions weighing on our shoulders, risks ready for the plunge, and a tremendous dose of faith comprised our daily lives. How many times did I weep alone? I couldn’t give you a definitive number.

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When Joy Is Hijacked, a Psalm Uncovers Our Excuses

Why do we make room for our joy to be hijacked by the cruelty of this world?

Psalm 103, verses 1 through 6 proclaim that we bless the Lord’s name. It admonishes us to remember all his benefits: the forgiveness of our iniquities, the healing of our diseases, the redemption of our life from destruction, the crowning of our heads with loving-kindness and tender mercies. The Lord is enough to satisfy my mouth with good things and my youth has been renewed like the eagle’s.

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When the Little Guy Overcomes Failure

How hurts are but for a moment

It hurts at times when you see your little guy fail on the football field. He eats dust but gets back up to line up again. He is thrown the football and suddenly, he holds on to it like gold and he runs, that little guy everyone sees speed through the defensive wall closing in on him. It’s amazing, these two legs, lower on the ground than the other kids, sprinting to the end zone to victory.

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