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Book Review: A Pocketful of Seeds by Debbie Johnson


A positive new book, A Pocketful of Seeds, gathers 12 months’ worth of seed-sowing actions for each day of the year. Some seek answers; some are creative; some ask reflective questions; almost all of them calls to action. They are short opportunities to make an impact and draw out a better world by fostering an attentiveness to connect with others through love, kindness, and service.


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We Need Diversity by Writers of Color in Christian Publishing

 Why does Christian fiction continue to underrepresent writers of color?

There is an observable gap in Christian fiction. Currently, Christian fiction limits its boundaries to the traditional tropes: historical, romance, speculative, Amish. Long overdue are the contributions of a well of writers who are overlooked under the Christian fiction umbrella.

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Why Creativity Without God is Futile

Direction before launching into a new creative project

Here is another post referencing my takeaways from the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference at Biola University in La Mirada.


What if God gave us our unique gifting to get to know Him? This question is one that is not asked enough. Allen Arnold of Ransomed Heart Ministries beseeches creatives in the Lord to include God in all we do. His book, The Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, & Create, describes in very profound ways the transformative messages anchored in identity, creativity, and intimacy with God.


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Envy’s Warfare and Casualties

Envy is the crafty device the enemy uses to derail the Christian’s heart

Envy is a little-known evil that many are afraid to learn more about. I listened to a podcast recently on the topic and wanted to share some of the notes, reflections, and takeaways I got from the unpacking of this soul-shuddering topic. You can listen to the four-part series on the Ransomed Heart Ministries website here. I’m only covering Part 1 here but I look forward to what follows.

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Here Is What Happens When You Stand Alone

Knowing where my writing belongs while knowing Who it belongs to

I just returned from the first day of the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference. In recent months since my return from the Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference, I’ve found myself thinking long and hard about where my writing belongs, a thought that was further explored by something I read on the Steve Laube blog this afternoon. The timing couldn’t be better than that.

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Book Review: As My Parents Age by Cynthia Ruchti


Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote that the bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. At the core of this message are two sensibilities of regret and action, for caring for a parent on the brink of death requires reflection and intentional obedience to God—a dependency on Him alone as we are reminded that love and sacrifice are synonymous forces of compassion, despite its discomfort.

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