Bearing Eternal Fruit

photo by Tiago Faifa

Luke 6: 43- 49

There was a time when I worked in the secular world and heard about my co-workers.’ weekends They would boast about how wonderful happy hour was because it was, for them, a time to relax and put away their toiling for just a moment.

Does a night of wine, beer, late dancing, and other forms of debauchery really yield happiness? It may for some, but joy is what has everlasting value. The escapes that the world offers may be appealing, tempting, and fun, but they only lead to vexing the spirit, as they have temporal and shallow effects on the soul.

The song of fools is loud and we don’t need to hear its noise. Those who hear the song of fools shut themselves out from hearing a good rebuke from the wise. (ECCL. 7:5)

As we consider the fruit we are bearing for the Lord, we need to avoid any slight chance that it may be influenced by corruption. We must be wise to protect it and do the things which He says if we are to call Him Lord. (LUKE 6:46)


Father, I love you. You loved me when I was corrupted by the world, when I was lost. The foundation of your word is precious to me.





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