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A Merry Heart Is Good Medicine

How my son continues to show us life is in the balance

For over a month, my eldest son has been away for the summer, about 300 miles from home. I leave tomorrow to pick him up from his Abuelitos’ house, making the trek up the grapevine through I-5, passing patches of cow farms and orchards, the fumes of manure creeping into the car vents each time.

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If You’re Searching for Wisdom, Then You’re Likely to Find It

Conditions for the eternal gain of wisdom

When I was a young girl, I had a reputation in my family of searching feverishly for something that I would have lost. I’d be in my room, rummaging through drawers, boxes, top shelf containers, all in search of something that I needed to have. I would be successful in my search at times, but on those occasions of defeat, I’d get myself to sleep with a final pressing question on my mind: where on earth did I put that thing?

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Why I’m Taking a Pause to Focus on that Which is of Eternal Value

A much-needed rest

Recently, I experienced disappointment that gave me a profound change of heart, that prompted a turning point. It took the air out of me, it conjured up bitter tears and made me question my calling as a writer, made me wonder about the direction the Lord is leading me into. He’s uncovered the masks within the publishing industry (general and Christian market) and I’m ever thankful for that.

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