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Why We Should March for Life and End Abortion Now

The right to life continues to be a battle worth fighting for

The Bible says very clearly that children are a heritage of the Lord. God values life and as believers, we ought to stand with those poor souls who are indefensible and who fall victim to heinous abortions every day. We are called to speak for them when they are unable to speak for themselves. We need to make it our life’s purpose to fight, to battle, and to march for life. It is a battle worth fighting for.

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Understanding Forgiveness Through Joseph

Why forgiving is not synonymous with forgetting

We describe Joseph’s account in the Bible like this:


He is beloved of his father; his brothers become jealous of him; they beat him and throw him in a pit; then they decide instead to sell him into slavery; Joseph ends up in Egypt and over time, he becomes the second most powerful man and then he forgives his brothers…

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Are You Reading Tea Leaves?

Finding a biblical understanding of God’s will instead of a pagan one

The way some believers talk about discerning God’s will and making decisions can put us in danger of sounding like pagans, not Christians. We could easily be reading tea leaves, instead of discerning the word of God. This reading-of-tea-leaves is a common approach to finding the will of God and it is apparent in the stories we hear and the testimonies we listen to, such as this example in Finding the Will of God, by Bruce Waltke.

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Youth Ministry and the Companion of Fools

What does the Bible really say about youth ministry?

For 30 years, Christian families have been told in no uncertain terms that they are not qualified to disciple their children because the youth ministry is available to take that burden. They are the trained professionals. It should be no surprise, then, that youth eventually will leave the church and become the companion of fools. The better question is why won’t parents disciple their own children?

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I Wish I Hadn’t Gone to University

A better way to think about college for the Christian

I’ve become disillusioned with college as a means of preparing for life. The university fails miserably in many areas: life integration, honing character, meaningful accountability, and applying disparate pieces of that education into the whole. I won’t even mention the expense and I won’t get into the indoctrination that floods the gates of the academe.

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10 Things Boys Learn by Playing Sports

What they learn through sports can take them the distance into their adult lives

I look forward to this time of year because my children begin a new year in the homeschool. We have new plans, new curriculum, new attitudes about learning. What’s a highlight every year in sports. Flag football season is renewed once again and that brings with it a full opportunity to purge all which needs to be shed. New beginnings take place and a slate is wiped clean by the hand of God. We see the natural cycle of life transform before our eyes and witness God’s hand in the body of the landscape around us, despite where we may live, in the urban setting or in the backwoods.

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Why We Should Continue Protecting Our Sons

Protecting our sons in a headline culture that seeks to destroy them

As I drove my boys to a new neighborhood in the area, we heard on the radio about a recall drive to oust a judge who gave a light sentence to Brock Turner, the Stanford student who was convicted in March of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a fraternity party in January 2015.

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What Occupies Our Time Will Tell Us Who We Are

How to keep from becoming victims of anti-social devices by detoxing from the screen

The noise becomes loud enough to cause my head to hurt. My heart aches. And then my eyes get blurry. This is my natural reaction to screen time when I read something or spend too much time hovering over clicks and tabs.


For a while, my mother was telling me to put away my device. To leave it out of sight when I am at the table with her. Convicting thoughts.

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Why Believers Should Speak the Truth Despite the Outcome

When a Christian no longer wants to listen to the truth

I recently experienced a situation in which for years I’ve been burdened about one particular relative who has compromised her faith within the walls of secular humanism, a religion at war with God. She insists that she is in the center of God’s will. Since she strongly believes this deception, I decided to write her a letter motivated by love, forewarning her of the clever devices the enemy uses to entrap the most unsuspecting of believers, those who with all good intentions want to make a difference in the world.

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