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What Occupies Our Time Will Tell Us Who We Are

How to keep from becoming victims of anti-social devices by detoxing from the screen

The noise becomes loud enough to cause my head to hurt. My heart aches. And then my eyes get blurry. This is my natural reaction to screen time when I read something or spend too much time hovering over clicks and tabs.


For a while, my mother was telling me to put away my device. To leave it out of sight when I am at the table with her. Convicting thoughts.

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Why Believers Should Speak the Truth Despite the Outcome

When a Christian no longer wants to listen to the truth

I recently experienced a situation in which for years I’ve been burdened about one particular relative who has compromised her faith within the walls of secular humanism, a religion at war with God. She insists that she is in the center of God’s will. Since she strongly believes this deception, I decided to write her a letter motivated by love, forewarning her of the clever devices the enemy uses to entrap the most unsuspecting of believers, those who with all good intentions want to make a difference in the world.

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Here Is What Happens When You Revisit Time in a Photo

It’s delightful how every photo tells a story

This one taken in 2012 reminds me of the time the Lord lead our family into new territory. We had moved to a new town that spring and this photo was taken months later in December. It was shot on a day when we were out looking for a green backdrop for the annual Christmas photo of the children. It began to rain the moment we pulled up to the Rosie the Riveter Park. We let the boys hop over puddles and catch raindrops into their gaping mouths.

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A Better Way to Absorb the Splendor of God’s Creation Out of Doors

How God’s handiwork inspires our art

The other day during a Bible study with a dear friend of mine, the topic of art and Christianity came up in conversation. We were discussing music, to be exact, and that, of course, got me thinking more closely about art within a Christian worldview. I proposed to study this topic more closely and share some thoughts in a series of posts that will, hopefully, answer some of the many questions I’ve pondered in my walk with the Lord while continuing to teach my children about beauty through picture studies and nature studies.

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Why I Repent Teaching in Secular Higher Education

An open letter of lament to my students

This is my story.


What I am about to express opens up the code of silence that many Christian college faculty may feel in the depths of hindsight.


I think of all the opportunities I forfeited at serving God while I was buying humanism and moral relativism, hook line and sinker—never doubting my position in the academe. I was building my career, right? I was using my gifts and talents so it must be God sent, unmistakably.

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When We’re Broken by a Church

God is ready to love and heal us as He guides us out

God extended my life for another birthday. Thirty-nine. I am blessed to be alive as I am, walking closely with Him and knowing with full assurance that He is all I need. I had what the world would call success – a drug-free life, two degrees, a career, a consulting business, a husband, a home, a few children, and good health. And a car.

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Sackcloth and Ashes: A Sign of Repentance for Sin

How sin used to provoke humility and shame in full display

In the Bible, sackcloth and ashes were worn as a sign of repentance for sin. Simply put, sackcloth and ashes was an external demonstration of an internal condition. It was a visible mark of someone’s deep sorrow and mourning. The action itself required a most sincere humility that only the repentant one can possess and God’s forgiveness in response is praised by David’s Psalms.

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A Better Way to Take Flight in the Homeschool Before Memories Slip Away

Just like the balloon that slipped away, so has the first week of homeschool

I could never take back the failures I made in the homeschool, but I can only remember the sweet memories, my children looking up from their work to tell me I’m the best teacher or my eldest coming to me to give me a hug after some struggles, after some tears, after some frustrations.

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Why Leaving the Ministry May Be An Act of Obedience

Stepping down from the ministry may be a better way to honor God

We knew a pastor’s father who once was a pastor but left the pastorate due to discouragement. Had he stayed, he may have hurt the name of Christ instead of advancing it. Likewise, my husband stepped down from the ministry of Sunday school teacher some years ago now. He had two main reasons for this decision.

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