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“To Quote or Not to Quote: Can Quotation Marks in Fiction Be Excised?” Kathy Ide Book Services, August 2017

Personally, I believe that omitting quotation marks in dialogue makes the prose spare and lean. In stream-of-consciousness narrative, it moves the story forward at a smoother pace. I had read enough works of fiction like McCarthy’s that I was convinced this style was the right choice for my own writing. I gave myself permission to break from the convention.


“How a Reluctant Reader Can Soar Now,” Stone Soup Magazine, February 2016

I have a reluctant writer at home. My son, a fifth grader whom I homeschool, is very curious and very inquisitive in an understated way. When we take trips to the library, he immediately visits the animal books: dinosaurs, sharks, reptiles, all creatures that interest him most.


“How to Jump Start a Young Writer Who’s Running Into a Wall,” Stone Soup Magazine, March 2016

I remember as a young writer in grammar school having to come up with my own ideas and topics to write about. In the 1980’s, this may have been a typical scenario, but as a homeschool mom, I am learning with my children that the ways of old, in this case, were not wise.


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