Nearly Lost


I nearly lost my little son. And for a few moments I did.


What at times has crossed my mind on the occasions I am out alone with my little ones came to pass the other day.


My husband and I took our two littles to a new park playground that was newly remodeled, inaugurated two weeks ago by the local city leaders during the grand opening kick off.


My daughter was sleeping in my arms as she had on the drive there, and my youngest son had taken off to go play. (My eldest was not with us as he was out of town visiting my mother over the next two days to help her complete some home projects).


It was a sunny day, about 80 degrees, and the playground was full of parents and children of all ages. Thanksgiving was the previous day and families were out enjoying some good times and some pleasant climate. It was all calm and beautiful to be out like this and my husband went to the car to get his lawn chair to join me and mine as I sat with our daughter. In between his break away from us and his return to sit with us, my son left my sight. My husband went to look for him in the hidden places of the playground and I heard him call his name two times. Within just minutes, he returned with my son in his arms, telling me that he had crossed the street twice to get to our car to look for us, per a lady sitting on the lawn who took notice of him.


We were sad about the whole thing as my son said to us in panic, I thought you had left me.


I will never leave thee, were the words that came to my mind from Hebrews 13.  I was sad and forlorn for some time after that, and everytime, I look at my son now, I give praise to my Lord for sparing us a grief that could very well take us to unimaginable depths.  He protected my son as he crossed the street, he protected him as he wandered away from us, and he protected us, his parents, from a loss so grievous that I can’t help but thank Him more and more each passing day.  This past Thanksgiving has a special significance to me and I am so glad and thankful for my Lord.  His mercies are new every day!


I asked my son (after all our fears were put to rest) what had compelled him to cross the street, and he said, You taught me how, to look both ways, so I knew I could, so I could find you.


I am thankful for even that lesson, as it benefited my son, for such a moment as that one which moms fear the most.

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