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Understanding Forgiveness Through Joseph

Why forgiving is not synonymous with forgetting

We describe Joseph’s account in the Bible like this:


He is beloved of his father; his brothers become jealous of him; they beat him and throw him in a pit; then they decide instead to sell him into slavery; Joseph ends up in Egypt and over time, he becomes the second most powerful man and then he forgives his brothers…

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Are You Reading Tea Leaves?

Finding a biblical understanding of God’s will instead of a pagan one

The way some believers talk about discerning God’s will and making decisions can put us in danger of sounding like pagans, not Christians. We could easily be reading tea leaves, instead of discerning the word of God. This reading-of-tea-leaves is a common approach to finding the will of God and it is apparent in the stories we hear and the testimonies we listen to, such as this example in Finding the Will of God, by Bruce Waltke.

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Youth Ministry and the Companion of Fools

What does the Bible really say about youth ministry?

For 30 years, Christian families have been told in no uncertain terms that they are not qualified to disciple their children because the youth ministry is available to take that burden. They are the trained professionals. It should be no surprise, then, that youth eventually will leave the church and become the companion of fools. The better question is why won’t parents disciple their own children?

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A Better Way to Take Flight in the Homeschool Before Memories Slip Away

Just like the balloon that slipped away, so has the first week of homeschool

I could never take back the failures I made in the homeschool, but I can only remember the sweet memories, my children looking up from their work to tell me I’m the best teacher or my eldest coming to me to give me a hug after some struggles, after some tears, after some frustrations.

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Why Leaving the Ministry May Be An Act of Obedience

Stepping down from the ministry may be a better way to honor God

We knew a pastor’s father who once was a pastor but left the pastorate due to discouragement. Had he stayed, he may have hurt the name of Christ instead of advancing it. Likewise, my husband stepped down from the ministry of Sunday school teacher some years ago now. He had two main reasons for this decision.

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