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One of the Ten

How one leper can motivate us to return to Christ

I read about the young seminary student, Edward Spencer, and his harrowing ordeal at sea. An accident between two vessels proved disastrous but Edward rescued many by the strength of his muscles. He rescued 17 people. But none thanked him. His labor on that day left him changed physically, forever, and he was often confined to a wheelchair.

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Becoming a Peculiar People, Not Cookie Cutter Duplicates

We are set apart as beloved children of the most High

It seems a new word is in order for the new year. I look to my husband when November rolls around to ask him what He thinks the theme, the challenge, the direction he sees our family will be going into for the next year. It was synchronicity when he picked peculiar, a word that has been pronounced in our minds. I even put together 11 meditations and prayers for my subscribers and shared them last month.

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