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When Silence is Enough to Hear God Calling You Out

Why you should hold silence to hear the still, small voice of God


There’s a pithy quote that says, “When writing your story, don’t let anyone hold the pen.”

When we share our stories as writers, it’s inevitable that we’re going to get personal. Sometimes too much. Sometimes not enough—out of fear.

Our experiences stem from speaking our stories in a way that’s authentic, and many times, as a writer, I find myself pausing for a moment to look carefully and wonder if what I’m about to share is coming from a place of good.

When I recently shared some deep feelings of dissatisfaction with a business partner, I felt almost ashamed of feeling them. They were valid concerns that delved into the uncomfortable territory of race and the lack of inclusion that is observed in some Christian spaces. I wasn’t given feedback after I gave my solicited input.

Silence speaks volumes.

My attempts weren’t to regain anything.

What I discovered during the silence was what happens when people like me speak. It’s a sore spot for some to admit that we fail at practicing what the body of Christ ought to exercise: honesty, transparency, and the inclusion of all members.

This silence was enough for me to understand God was calling me out from among them to be rooted elsewhere. He is the One Who places me where I need to be to grow, firmly rooted.


We need to never assume that a closed door from God is a bad thing. When we are disappointed with outcomes, we need to remember that silence is perhaps the best way to listen to the calling of God in our lives.

As featured in the Daily Post.