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My Findings During the 7 Day Christ-Centered and Media Free Challenge: Part 1

One participant’s testimonial about living without the media


I’m so thankful for the completion of the 7 Day Christ-Centered and Media Free Challenge. It was a blessing all around and I am glad to present to you one participant’s testimonial about the challenge. She begins:

Thanks for provoking me unto good works with the media challenge. I did check in with my homeschool boot camp group on Facebook but not all of the days. And I went straight to the group and not to my news feed.

I like how you built up the fast incrementally. I don’t have some of those social media outlets, but for those who use all, it was probably a nice easing in into letting go.


I found I wasted less time. And in the morning when I could easily spend an hour+ just aimlessly scrolling, I instead started a new plan on my Bible app, “The Bible in 90 Days.”  I’ve read/listened to the whole of Genesis and Exodus in the past 7 days. That would not have happened without this challenge.

It was a bit refreshing to not read about other people’s homeschooling or other people’s cancer dealings. It was freeing to not have a dozen tabs open on my iPad for all the article links I’d clicked to then only skim because my attention span has waned in this digital age.

When the Las Vegas shootings happened it was good to not read article after article of the same old thing and read the nutty comments of people who feel so free to voice their unsolicited opinions.


It felt good not to flutter around Twitter checking what Pastor X or Pastor Y had to say lately and who replied to which comment and what did that tweet mean?

I was aware of just how often I would want to reach for my tablet to check Facebook in a moment of downtime.

When the no podcast part of the challenge came up, that was kinda hard because most of the podcasts I listen to have to do with preaching or Bible teaching. I honored it, but I think those things add to and encourage my spirit more than distract or discourage. Plus when listening I am usually doing something else productive such as dishes or laundry or a walk.

I know turning the media back on will open the floodgates again. I need a 30-day challenge! 😉 But it has been a good eye-opener. I hope to move forward giving less time to the trivial.



I have been thinking of the days before instant access to the world. How much simpler it was to live. A person could just go about simply living the Christian life, simply serving in their local church, simply unaware of what other churches are doing. Even unaware of the daily lives of fellow disciples. Not in the sense of being oblivious, but rather just the single-focused purposing of living for God to the best of one’s ability and not worrying about what others are doing. I don’t know if I am making sense, but I find that in this social media age, my eyes are not on the Saviour as they should be and I am looking around at others too much. Today my pastor said, “If you follow the Lord for any time at all, you’re going to be disappointed by some of His followers.” And I am guilty of having my eyes on followers who I would never come in contact with, were it not for social media. I need to be content to live in my realm and let others live theirs. Let’s see if I do it or not.

Thanks again for this challenge.


And thank you for participating! 

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My Findings During the 7 Day Christ-Centered and Media Free Challenge. Read one participant's testimonial and how she was provoked unto good works during the challenge here.

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