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You’re all set!

I’m thrilled you signed up to begin the 7-day Christ-centered and media free challenge!


It is my hope that this challenge will help you focus more greatly on Him by exercising self-control in a very profound way. There is a way to have victory as you wean yourself off of social media for just 7 days!


Before you are set to start, please be pray about this challenge. Ask the Lord to give you the fortitude to pursue a life centered around Him in the midst of the noise that bombards us on a daily basis. You will soon find out how much of our stress is actually self-imposed.


To access the challenge, click here.


In the PDF file, you will find a welcome letter. Each day will have its own page, which will include a Bible verse, a prayer, and the challenge for that day. You’ll explore living simply, making time for gratitude, restricting distractions, addressing triggers and temptations, getting out of the time-waste pit, and making sense of the culture through a biblical worldview. I’ll offer you the help you need to focus on what is of most eternal value.


I invite you to also take a look at this post I wrote several years ago about this subject.


Thank you for participating in a challenge that is sure to bear eternal fruit into your life!


In Christ,