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Erendira Ramirez-Ortega

Posted by | October 19, 2017
Book Review: A Pocketful of Seeds by Debbie Johnson

BOOK REVIEW A positive new book, A Pocketful of Seeds, gathers 12 months’ worth of seed-sowing actions for each day of the year. Some seek answers; some are creative; some...

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Posted by | October 14, 2017
We Need Diversity by Writers of Color in Christian Publishing

 Why does Christian fiction continue to underrepresent writers of color? There is an observable gap in Christian fiction. Currently, Christian fiction limits its boundaries to the traditional tropes: historical, romance,...

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Posted by | October 11, 2017
Living Without Social Media

Another participant's testimonial about living without social media I'm so thankful for the completion of the 7 Day Christ-Centered and Media Free Challenge. It was a blessing all around and...

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Posted by | October 2, 2017
What I Learned While Abandoning Social Media

TESTIMONIAL If I had to distill the many takeaways I’ve gained from the 7 Day Christ-Centered and Media Free Challenge into one single thought, it would be this: so much...

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Posted by | July 2, 2017
Why Creativity Without God is Futile

Direction before launching into a new creative project Here is another post referencing my takeaways from the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference at Biola University in La Mirada.   What if...

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Posted by | July 1, 2017
Envy’s Warfare and Casualties

Envy is the crafty device the enemy uses to derail the Christian's heart Envy is a little-known evil that many are afraid to learn more about. I listened to a...

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Posted by | June 29, 2017
Omitting Quotes in Fiction

Why excising quotes in our fiction is nothing to fear While I was in the MFA at Mills College in the 90s, I omitted quotation marks in my fiction. Wherever...

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Posted by | June 22, 2017
Here Is What Happens When You Stand Alone

Knowing where my writing belongs while knowing Who it belongs to I just returned from the first day of the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference. In recent months since my return...

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Posted by | June 14, 2017
Book Review: As My Parents Age by Cynthia Ruchti

BOOK REVIEW Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote that the bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. At the core of this message are two...

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Posted by | April 29, 2017
Why We Should Prepare for a Solitary Place of Prayer

A ladies guide to being intentional about meeting with God daily I had a quiet moment the other morning. My husband took my son to get water and my eldest...

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