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I took a pause from writing after earning my MFA from Mills College.

Some of my short stories were published during my final year in the MFA (1999) and through 2003, but I didn’t write a single story after graduating because my life took a turn: I got married, had children, drew closer in my walk spiritually, and acquired new skills.

I built my consulting business in instructional design in order to provide for a growing family but sadly, my writing goals were placed on hold while I was in the throes of a new life that demanded all of me. I read non-fiction more than anything else during those years.

In 2010, I established a blog as a means to express my faith.

For many years I focused on my family and transitioning from working outside of the home to homeschooling my three children.

In 2014, I returned to the literary scene and the insufferable changes brought upon by the advent of social media.

I had to catch up on years of transformation. The long sabbatical from publishing wasn’t lost on me during all those years. Just when it appeared as if my MFA had turned into a vapor, a traumatic and disastrous family experience brought me to my notebooks once again and into a cathartic state of writing. All those prior years were a gestation of what is now.

I’m fascinated by faith, art, redemption, transformation, and renewal…and I have a newfound respect for digital minimalism.

I seek lovely things that exemplify these characteristics and values through a biblical worldview, hence my semi-monthly Lovely Things newsletter.

I am the co-founder of Burning Bush Press. This project is an expression of my family’s faith and is meant to encourage believers by bringing literary works that sharpen, stimulate, and advance the kingdom. We hold a short story contest for homeschoolers biennially.

When I’m not doing any of these things, I’m doing my side hustle at Erendira Creative.

I’m in the middle of completing a novel.