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Erendira Ramirez-Ortega

Posted by | July 25, 2019
Three Proven Benefits of Daily Prayer

A Guide to Praying Intentionally   I had a quiet moment the other morning. My eldest son awoke, read his Bible, and then started his classwork. My other children were...

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Posted by | May 16, 2019
Why I Quit Twitter

Eight great truths every introvert should know   I deactivated my Twitter account around the time I was grieving the death of my dad. If I remember correctly, my last...

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Posted by | April 19, 2019
Book Review: Suffering Is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot

BOOK REVIEW In 1956, while attempting to make missionary contact with the Huaorani people of eastern Ecuador, Elisabeth Elliot’s (December 21, 1926 – June 15, 2015) husband Jim was killed....

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Posted by | January 29, 2019
The Christian and Moral and Spiritual Tensions

How we fight daily to not be seen of men Growing up, I can recall being praised for my achievements from both my mother and my teachers. I was an...

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Posted by | December 15, 2018
Book Review: Influence by Kate Motaung and Shannon Popkin

BOOK REVIEW A.W. Tozer wisely wrote: “Promoting self under the guise of promoting Christ is currently so common as to excite little notice.” He wrote this in the 1940s, way...

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Posted by | November 23, 2018
More Valuable Than What a Book Can Teach

Some lessons are better learned in sorrow As soon as my son returned from a few days backpacking and tenting in the desert in October, we were off again in...

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Posted by | November 9, 2018
The Burden of Carrying Stories Abroad

What we learn from listening with intention When I visited Mexico decades ago while in college, I listened carefully to the stories of my relatives. (more…)

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Posted by | October 17, 2018
When God Searches Us

How God is lovingly familiar with our words and deeds Today I was a bit blue. I am down to the wire on a few things and they seem to...

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Posted by | July 27, 2018
A Merry Heart Is Good Medicine

How my son continues to show us life is in the balance For over a month, my eldest son has been away for the summer, about 300 miles from home....

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Posted by | July 2, 2018
If You’re Searching for Wisdom, Then You’re Likely to Find It

Conditions for the eternal gain of wisdom When I was a young girl, I had a reputation in my family of searching feverishly for something that I would have lost....

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