“Years Eaten by the Bees,” West Branch, October, 2017 {forthcoming}

“Guadalajara, 1986,” Day One, May, 2016

“Evanesce,” The Cossack Review, May, 2016

A few days ago, you told me you were going to disappear, that you were going to show me what I always wanted. Last night, you left without incident. There was nothing I could do to keep you from stepping over the threshold and looking into the ominous water below your feet, hankering to be satisfied like you, like me.

“Treasure,” La Calaca Review, 2003

“Seed,” Other Voices, 2001

“Aranas,” Black Warrior Review, 2000

“Dario,” Santa Clara Review, 2000

“Caterpillars,” Fourteen Hills, 1999

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