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Posted by | July 25, 2019
Three Proven Benefits of Daily Prayer

A Guide to Praying Intentionally   I had a quiet moment the other morning. My eldest son awoke, read his Bible, and then started his classwork. My other children were...

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Posted by | April 29, 2017
Why We Should Prepare for a Solitary Place of Prayer

A ladies guide to being intentional about meeting with God daily I had a quiet moment the other morning. My husband took my son to get water and my eldest...

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Posted by | March 9, 2014
Sackcloth and Ashes: A Sign of Repentance for Sin

How sin used to provoke humility and shame in full display In the Bible, sackcloth and ashes were worn as a sign of repentance for sin. Simply put, sackcloth and ashes was an...

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