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Three Proven Benefits of Daily Prayer

Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

A Guide to Praying Intentionally

When we retreat to be alone, we can pray to God.

I had a quiet moment the other morning. My eldest son awoke, read his Bible, and then started his classwork. My other children were preoccupied with sleep while my empty stomach ached with hunger. In the middle of all this, I found that it was the perfect time to feed my soul with God’s word.

It’s no wonder Jesus had to withdraw after meeting multitudes on his travels. Even the Saviour needed quietude. Our Saviour, strong and wise, filled with love and compassion for the lost, needed to withdraw to the wilderness to pray. Jesus sought places of solitude to pray and to express His deep reliance on our Father in Heaven.

Jesus gained much from His time alone with the Father. We too can benefit from moments of prayer and meditation. Here are three proven benefits of prayer and meditation.

The Benefit of Relying on God

You will see how fruitful your life will be and that of your children and husband once we get a hold of prayer and quiet time with God. Our responsibilities will not change, our situation and circumstances won’t either, but the power of God in our lives will bear fruit that will help us respond in a godly way to those areas in our life that are busy, loud, and frustrating. We will find joy even in those things and that is what is so amazing about God. He is ever-present in our time of need and that is of great benefit.

The Benefit of Training our Mind to Shift Focus

Jesus said to enter your closet and pray.

As we get ready to retreat, we will be able to focus on Him. Let’s find a place to go that gives God our full attention.

One recommendation is to get a physical Bible, not a digital one. The mobile phone is a pervasive time-suck and a favorite means of workday procrastination. A physical Bible, on the other hand, will discourage us from goofing off into rabbit trails and checking push notifications. Let’s ward off the temptations that pull us away from our time with God.

The Benefit of Renewing our Mind

We will see our lives transformed by the renewing of our mind when we devote time to God in solitude.

Getting to know God is a mystery. Just as we schedule a time to meet with a friend, we should look at Jesus as a friend who we love enough to spend time with.

Once you’ve read a passage, ask yourself some questions. Is there:

  • A command to obey?
  • A promise to claim?
  • A sin to avoid?
  • A lesson to learn?
  • A new truth to carry with me?


In the quiet stillness, focus on what God says to you. The Bible says in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” We will know God more deeply when we read His word.


When we retreat to be alone, no matter what we’re in the middle of doing, we enter a special time with the Lord. We need to slip away from the noise, the crowds, and the activities to spend time alone with our Father. The time of day for quiet time doesn’t matter as much as being intentional to devote time to God is.

A guide to meeting with God intentionally. When we retreat to be alone, we can enter a special time with the Lord. We need to slip away from the noise, the crowds, and the activities to spend time alone with our Father. The time of day for quiet time doesn’t matter as much as being intentional to devote time to God is. Click to read full post.
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Blog Comments

Amen. I need time in God’s word, and it does influence my prayer life.

Yeah, I pray every day,
don’t really have much choice,
and as my life slips away
I hope He hears my voice.
My prayers are pretty simple now,
“Please get me through the pain!”
and it allows as how
it’ll be the same tomorrow again.
God may find it pretty dull,
and hears this quite a bit.
His ‘cancer’ inbox must be full;
will my prayers even fit?
At journey’s end I guess I’ll see;
maybe it was just Him and me.

Nice take on prayer with verse. Thanks.

Such an encouraging post! I am currently reading Psalms For Trials: Meditations on Praying the Psalms and really enjoying it. The idea of praying God’s own words brings such comfort and confidence to our prayer life, don’t you think? I also, love your point about using a physical Bible. I believe holding a solid book in our hands connects with us differently than an electronic of some sort.
Really enjoyed finding you via Tell His Story. Grace and peace!

Excellent reminders!

Thank you, Marty, for your encouraging words. I love my Bible and it needed a repair recently–the spine was falling apart. But I can’t do without it.

We all need the reminder to plug into our power source. As you pointed out, If Jesus sought that opportunity, then so should we. I appreciate your practical wisdom here.

Thank you, Stephanie. So glad for your perspective too.

Prayer is such an important part of our Christian walk. Too often we complicate it when it is how we honor and build our relationship with Christ.

Yes, it shouldn’t be complicated when we realize that prayer is our devotion to God.

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