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Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Retreat: DAY 2

Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

Clarity Daily

When my family sent me off to take my flight to the bay area yesterday for the Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference, my husband told me to give it all to the Lord, to be led by His hand into His intended purpose. When I arrived, I thought I understood exactly what he meant.

Now, it is clearer after two days have passed.

I cannot begin to imagine what exactly will come of all this, but I know that I needed to get out of the homeschool slump and all the other distractions of a hurried life to find a sense of tranquility as I take my writing to the next level. I require to dig deeper into the intentions of my writing and remind myself that I can lose it all – if it is God’s will.

Afterall, I did have a long respite from writing and publishing in order to focus on starting a family and building a career to get us by during the throes of life: a mortgage, a marriage, and children.

I am glad this conference has shifted my vision as “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” It is a gain, no matter what the results may be. I’ve met good people who love the Lord, who are in various walks of their Christian life, who devote their life’s work to the craft of writing, who express kindness, and who minister in a special way via their gift of storytelling, whether it be composing real life experiences, events, or people into compelling narratives of flawed expectations, brokenness, or transformative redemption.

The power of God is at work here. From meeting a biologist whose vocation it is to study the behaviors of owls and realize their significance in our world to the industrial arts teacher who sees how much education is found wanting in the areas of teaching young people a trade or a skill that may not warrant a college education. Or how about the seeker of brief and quiet words to put on a greeting card that may impact the life of an Alzheimer’s patient.

The beauty and purpose here transcend all forms of creativity and community. We are a body of Christ and His body is talented, grateful, and ready to praise His name.

Some things are worth pursuing. The things of God are always in due season. It comes at a cost indeed, put the treasure is forevermore worth it. The blessings abound and the eternal value is priceless.

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