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Diminishing Our Troubles

A humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow.

Henry Ward Beecher

A Simple Way to Becoming More Grateful

Diminishing our troubles can be found in the simplest of things. I stand amazed by the humility and strength of Fanny Crosby, the writer of more than 8K hymns, who was also thankful for her blindness. It was in her blindness that she was able to see the Lord’s hand in her life.

So much of our gloom and sadness, our despair and sorrow are rooted in ungratefulness. Ingratitude has become a chronic disease that disables and paralyzes joy from flourishing. How many times have I asked myself what would happen if whenever I was asked, How are you? I would answer honestly. I would express all the realities of a life as a homeschool mom, the mishaps, the failures, and setbacks. But that would profit no one, would it?

If we look at the question more closely, How are you? we’ll find its simplicity is more nuanced. Its answer would be a frank one. We may have all the setbacks of our day consuming us, but really, we could answer honestly—really honestly. We’re fine. We really are just fine. We’re better than we deserve. We have more and more than we ever need. We have blessings that we don’t deserve.

Today on my wedding anniversary, I celebrate 15 years of marriage to my husband. As I shared a photo of that wonderful event with my friends: Fifteen years since this day. I’m glad God intervened in my life. Simply put, as Paul the Apostle wrote:

But I have all, and abound: I am full… (Philippians 4:18)


I have all. And abound. I am full.

And like Fanny Crosby, I share a Saviour who forgives, and who gives abundantly beyond what I could ever believe I need or want. I understand how God intervened in my life. I remember where I used to be and where God found me. As I ponder this thought, I want to live simply, writing the chronicles of God’s work in my life, not going to such an extent to magnify my name but rather His. My accomplishments are but filthy rags but His power is most magnified.

As featured in Five Minute Friday.

When God convicted my family to disciple our children in an unconventional way by homeschooling, we indeed thought the idea was radical. A friend of ours said: It’s such an old idea, it’s new. Unfamiliar but familiar. Read more about God's plan and how He doesn't fail. Click to read full post.
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Blog Comments

Lovely. We do have so much. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from next door at FMF!

Thank you, Sue! Have a wonderful week!

Love this simple message. Visiting from FMF.

Thank you for stopping by, Rebekah!

“I want to live simply, writing the chronicles of God’s work in my life, not going to such an extent to magnify my name but rather His. My accomplishments are but filthy rags but His power is most magnified.”

Sister, this is my heart. I get distracted. I struggle with a desire for prestige and influence just as often as any other writer. But at the end of the day, when I really boil it all down to what matters most, I want to bring Him joy. I want to be able to lift my eyes to Heaven and know that I did all that I could to glorify the Name of my Beautiful Savior.

P.S. – I finished reading your collection of meditations. They blessed me.

O, wow, Marie! I am so glad you were blessed! Thank you for your response here, too. I am glad to see that we can be honest with ourselves and know that the Lord understands it all. We struggle in the flesh and the temptation to feed it is ever present. But when I think about His blood on the cross and how significant that was to humanity, I am but a speck in the line of eternity. Thank you, friend, for reminding me of what matters most.

Erendira, Fanny Crosby was an amazing woman. I am inspired by her example. And, as I thought about what you said about how we answer that question, “How are you?” I find it’s often a balance of how am I overall and is the ask-er a safe person to really be honest with and how much time do we have for an honest answer? I try to be authentic when I answer, but sometimes, the best answer really is, “Fine.” 🙂

Happy anniversary!! I hope your celebration is wonderful!

You are so right, Jeanne. Considering who we are speaking to is essential in our response, indeed. I am thankful for discernment in those times and when we think about it, we are fine and better than we deserve, thanks to Him.

Love your gratitude,and Happy Anniversary!

More to say, too ill to say it, but blessed nonetheless.

Thank you, Andrew, for stopping by my blog to read. I’m sorry you’re ill. I pray God will grant you strength for another day.


Traci Little


Thank you for reading!

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