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When Joy Is Hijacked, a Psalm Uncovers Our Excuses

Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

Why do we make Excuses for sorrow and discouragement?

Why do we make room for our joy to be hijacked by the cruelty of this world? A Psalm can explain. Psalm 103, verses 1 through 6 proclaim that we bless the Lord’s name. It admonishes us to remember all his benefits: the forgiveness of our iniquities, the healing of our diseases, the redemption of our life from destruction, the crowning of our heads with loving-kindness and tender mercies. The Lord is enough to satisfy my mouth with good things and my youth has been renewed like the eagle’s.

And finally the caveat that spoke to me, considering all I’ve pondered this month, is found in verse 6 of Psalm 103:

The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.

Only God can provide the infusion of strength I’ve experienced this month as I’ve launched into what I call a reset: a renewal of my mind, a deliberate transformation, a willing surrender.

My days are as grass. I could flourish as a flower in the field one day but when the wind passes over, I will be gone. And that place will know me no more.


Only God can provide the infusion of strength we need to press forward. A Psalm reveals how we don't need to make excuses for sorrow and discouragement. Click to read a short post. Share far and wide.

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Blog Comments

” The Lord is enough to satisfy my mouth with good things and my youth has been renewed like the eagle’s.” Apparently God wants me to remember these verses. I was just praying this morning to run and not grow weary. Thanks for the encouragement.

Coming to you from FMF #29 this week.

Thanks, Janyre, for stopping by to read. I am glad you’re encouraged.

My friend, TammyLMasburn.com has been writing about willing surrender. Glad I dropped by. Neighbors at FMF.

Glad you dropped by too, Susan. I will take a look at her blog…Thanks!

You said this so beautifully, Erendira, and the Psalm you chose was exactly right. Thank you – this post is a gift.

Thank you, Andrew!

Beautiful post, Erendira. I really like Psalm 103. And your words about a willing surrender . . . they pinged in my heart. I’ve begun thinking on surrender lately. May our Father continue to renew and refresh and transform you!

Thank you for your sweet wishes for me, Jeanne. I appreciate you!

I’ve been studying the Psalms for almost a year now…I’m on 119. I’ve so enjoyed savoring each one. May God continue to infuse you with strength as you make changes in your life!

Wow, the lengthiest one there! Great job, Anita. I’m thankful for His precious word. I hope to read all the Psalms too. May God continue to bless your efforts to draw nearer to Him!

I love Psalm 103, too! I memorized it once, and I really ought to brush up on it again. Thanks for sharing from it!

Wow, Emily! That is so marvelous…God’s word is such a sweet balm to the soul! Thank you!

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