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When You Need To Accept No To Stave Off Spiritual Derailment

Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

How rejection reassures us of God’s direction

Right now, I’m in the middle of some urgent self-care. I’m devoting some significant time to mend illness, conduct homeschool, and read a devotional book. I’m also participating in a challenge on gratitude.

I had a moment of bitterness yesterday when I received a memo from a business colleague. Weeks ago, I expressed concerns about a business matter, observations I’ve made that required sensible attention, but I never received a response. Time passed until I heard back with a business request—but nothing more. This set my mind into a state of confusion. Why did she overlook my concerns?

God showed me that I cannot see the big picture. My husband and my oldest son showed me a much-needed perspective for such a time as this.

need to say no to things that do not edify my purpose or further the work of the Lord, areas of my daily living that yield no wholesome fruit.

The verdict: my colleague heard my concerns, the truth is known, and there is nothing left to do or say about the matter. No more reminders, no more nuggets of truth to reiterate, no more waiting for answers. My role in the matter is finished and that is all.

need to let God do the work that I cannot do anymore.

Dear God, please let your peace rule in my heart. Help me to love others despite their shortcomings. Help me to remain thankful to you always. Forgive me when I overlook the kindness from those who disappoint me. Renew my mind and shape me into an individual prepared for rejection whenever it comes.

We never see God's big picture. When rejection comes, we need to see how it may be a reassurance of God's direction for our lives. Have you ever wondered that maybe a closed door is a way for you to see that less wanting is necessary to live a life for Christ, and more saying no to things you think are needed is actually best? Read more here. Share far and wide.

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Oh that does sound like a tough situation, but I love how you responded with maturity and grace and let it go, even when it must have been difficult. I really hope the situation resolves soon. PS. You have a beautiful website.

Thank you, Emma, for stopping by to visit my blog. And thank you especially for your sweet response. I am trusting in the Lord to sustain me and make me whole. I know the cross is heavy to carry, but God’s strength and grace is sufficient. Kindly, Erendira

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