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A Respite from Writing Fatigue

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

1 Peter 4:7

When sewing serves a greater purpose

As writers, we sometimes need a respite from writing fatigue, don’t we?

Last week, I was contemplating about the energy and time I put into writing, the unnerving pangs in my stomach that hunger for satisfaction. How quickly my mind is preoccupied with ideas that can only be put to rest in writing.

It becomes unsettling, doesn’t it, when we write and fight it like a battle that doesn’t cease its fire. Why do we suffer this way as writers, why is it so exhausting mentally? Why do we impose information fatigue onto our daily lives?

I’ve drowned out this fatigue, this vexation with something other than writing: quilting.

I’ve found that nothing else quite brings me the joy that I find when I sit and put my hand on the hand wheel. It’s so serene to me, this energy I put into selecting patterns—calicos or stripes, chevrons or saturated colors. Like a puzzle, I sort through the order of pieces, combining those that match, joining semblances into a collected harmony.

I’m working on a few in time for Mother’s Day, and other than writing, I am deeply fond of being able to gift something like this to someone else.

I heard a writer once say that her work, once it’s published, ceases to belong to her. It becomes a relinquished entity when we hand over something we’ve made to someone else—when someone other than ourselves is gratified and blessed by the labor of our own hands.

For more information on creative art (quilting, illustrating, drawing), take a look at these posts.


How do you take a break from writing? What are your other creative outlets?

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Blog Comments

“…….when someone other than ourselves is gratified and blessed by the labor of our own hands.” Love this! I have much respect for you quilters. I have tried it and found just the opposite response to be true for me. I am blessed to see the fruit of your labors in fabric and words!
I’m your neighbor in #4. God bless!

Thank you Vicki!

I so get this, Erendira; I used to do custom welding, and passing my work on to customers was always something wonderful…something that linked our lives.

#1 at FMF thi week


I like that Andrew…linking lives.

Writing does get tedious sometimes; glad to know it’s not just me! Thanks for sharing Erendira. Blessings to you.

Thank you Boma!

I relate so much to your description of writing! I can see how sewing would be a respite for writing fatigue. I’m visiting from Moments of Hope.

Thank you Valerie for stopping by to comment. Welcome!

Hello Erendira
I have been fascinated by quilting. My friend made a simple lap quilt that was 60% black and then 40% wild stripes of color and pattern. It was something I spent time enjoying.
I have heard that when we employ our mind in pursuits other than what we normally do that one it helps that part of our brain rest, but two it settles us down enough that sometimes our brain pops things into place that it hadn’t been able to do before.
I am glad you see the need to step away from information overload and a constant pouring out and indulge your senses in another form of creativity.
It is a pleasure reading your take on the prompt.

I like that quilting has given me a more settled creative space…mentally and emotionally.

I love this! I am primarily a knitter but have spent the last several years SLOWLY teaching myself to sew. I tried my hand at a few simple quilts. They were far from perfect but when I visit my sister’s house and find them still draped over my nephews’ beds, it gives me such joy and makes all the hours worth it. I definitely find that my handicrafts help to foster my creativity when my writing stalls. While I love to write, it is work for me, where knitting, for the most part, can be pure joy.

I agree. Handicrafts certainly balance the writer’s life.

Mine is painting… But only writing Burns in my soul!

Yes! Painting is fantastic.

I have always loved quilting – or the idea of quilting. I just am not a sewer…however, God gives us all unique abilities to express our creativity and I am trying to better appreciate mine (rather than simply wishing for someone else’s talent!) Have you have a great week…with plenty of quilting moments:)

Thank you, Jennifer. I know the Lord gifts differently, and you certainly have yours. Maybe quilting will be something you do later on, as it was something I never conceived I would do earlier! Thank you for stopping by to comment!

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